How to Invest in an STV?

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    Using STFX as an Investor:
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      How to invest in an STV?
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      How to claim your profits?
This user guide assumes you have a Metamask wallet connected to the Arbitrum network with some ETH and USDC.
Using STFX as an Investor:
1. How to invest in an STV?
To invest in an STV you first have to go to​
You will be taken to the Home page of the STFX dApp. The first thing you need to do before you are able to invest in an STV, is connect your wallet. Click Connect wallet button on the top right corner and connect your Metamask. Make sure that your Metamask is on the Arbitrum network and it has some ETH and USDC on Arbitrum network.
Once you have connected your wallet, you can choose an STV that you want to invest by looking at the STVs on the Home page. Once you’ve chosen the STV you would like to invest in, simply click on the Join button inside the STV or click anywhere inside the STV. Either of these will take you to the page dedicated to the particular STV.
If you have decided to invest into this STV, inside the toolbox on the right hand side, input the amount that you want to invest and click Invest button. You will have to sign a Metamask transaction to complete this investment.
Once you have invested into an STV and the STV manager opened their trade, you will be able to track how the trade and how your investment is doing in the box in the top right.
2. How to claim your profits (as an investor)?
Once the STV manager closes their trade, you (as the investor) will be able to claim your investment (with either a profit or a loss, depending on whether the trade was profitable or not). To claim your investment (+/- profit/loss) you have to click on the Claim $____ button inside the box with the trade stats. Once you sign the Metamask transaction, your money will be sent to your wallet.