🙏DAO Manifesto

The STFX DAO is a blockchain-based entity designed to operate in a completely decentralized and transparent manner, with open source development, governing structure and rules. The direction of the DAO is decided by the stakers of the token, with all changes and implementations being discussed, voted on, and passed through governance.

DAO Membership

Becoming a member of the STFX DAO is simple and straightforward. To join, members are required to buy and stake STFX tokens on https://stfx.io/stake page. Staked tokens grant voting power in the DAO's governance model, proportional to the number of tokens staked. The more tokens a user stakes, the greater the influence in the DAOs’ governance they have.


The STFX DAO operates on a set of core principles outlined in its manifesto:

  1. Decentralization: STFX is fully decentralized, providing a platform where every DAO member has equal power and say in decisions, relevant to their staked tokens.

  2. Transparency: All development, transactions, decisions, and activities within the DAO are completely transparent and public.

  3. Democracy: Each DAO member has voting rights. The majority rules, ensuring the voice of the community is represented in every decision.

  4. Trust: Leveraging blockchain technology, STFX cultivates an environment of trust and credibility, where the rules are enforced by code.

  5. Innovation: STFX promotes and nurtures creativity, encouraging members to propose and implement revolutionary ideas that can elevate the DAO.

Roles of a DAO Member

As a member of the STFX DAO, individuals are more than just investors. They are active participants in the community with the ability to:

  1. Write Proposals: Members can propose new initiatives, changes, or improvements to the DAO and its project development.

  2. Vote: Members can vote on various proposals and decisions, exercising their democratic rights within the DAO.

  3. Contribute: Members can contribute their skills and expertise to the DAO, helping to shape its growth and direction.

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