6️⃣How to Invest in a Vault?

This guide will help you to invest in any Vault available on the STFX platform. Here we will take you through the process of the following steps:

Important to note, this user guide is written under the assumption that you have a Metamask wallet, with relevant assets on Arbitrum or Ethereum. For help on bridging assets, please visit the "Bridging to Arbitrum" section of the Docs.

7️⃣Bridging to Arbitrum

1. How to invest in a Vault?

To begin as an investor on STFX, firstly navigate to https://stfx.io. You will need to deposit investment capital into your STFX wallet to become an Investor into Vaults. To do so, visit the Portfolio page, shown both on the left hand side of the screen, and clickable through the yellow balance icon on the header of the dApp.

Once here, users can see their total portfolio value, including investments, as well as their available collateral that is available to invest into more vaults.

Clicking the yellow deposit button will open up the deposit menu, where users can deposit a range of different assets, all of which STFX will auto convert into USDC.e, the token used to invest into Vaults on the platform.

Choose an asset you want to deposit, type the amount, hit deposit, sign the transaction, and here is where your investment journey can begin!

Once you have funded your STFX account, you are now free to invest into any vaults you wish. Users can Subscribe to Managers, which is essentially pre-investments into all of the Managers future vaults on the platform. Using their account balance, a user can decide to allocate a set amount for each Manager of their choosing, allowing that Manager to have access to instantly liquidity for their trades from all of their Subscribers. The beauty of Subscriptions is that the capital remains inside the investors STFX balance until it is utilized within a trade, and is also auto-returned back to a user on the completion of any trade, allowing for a never ending flywheel of investments.

Once finding a vault you are interested in investing in, there are two ways to manually invest if you aren't utilizing Subscriptions.

1 - Investing from the Invest page:

Simply type in the amount of capital you would like to invest in a vault, hit the invest / invest more button, and you are all set!

2 - Investing from the Vault page:

Clicking on any of the vaults in raising stage will open a ‘full-screen’ version of the assets chart, and a potentially more detailed look into the trade setup. From here, you can invest on the right hand side of the page.

It is just that simple. After investing into a vault, your job as an investor is complete!

2. Monitoring your Investments

Once you have invested into one or multiple vaults, you can track all of these investments under the 'Dashboard' tab of the STFX dApp. Here you will see your profile page, where you can switch between the Manager and Investor portions of your account.

Switching to the 'Investor' tab will allow you to see all of the investments you have made, and get the PnL & ROI statistics of any vaults you have invested into, both live and closed.

3. How to claim back your returns?

Users will now automatically receive all of their returns, such as investments, profits, and manager fees, back into their STFX balances upon the completion of any vaults they manage, or are invested into.

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