3️⃣Staking $STFX

Staking is available on Ethereum and Arbitrum- https://stfx.io/stake

Staking $STFX unlocks a series of exclusive benefits including:

  • 10% APR

  • Trading & Investment Rebates (up to 0.05% of personal volume)

  • Greater Vault Capacities

  • Greater Performance Fees

  • Longer Vault Duration

  • More Simultaneous Vaults

  • Secret Vaults (hiding trade details)

  • and much more

The STFX token provides the opportunity for staking over a span of six months, enabling holders to accumulate rewards at an annualized rate of 10%. This translates to a 5% return over the designated six-month staking period. These rewards can be claimed and received as liquid $STFX tokens at any given time.

Single Sided Staking

STFX tokens can be staked in a fixed term, six-month duration escrow contract. During this lockup phase, stakers will receive rewards at a 10% annualized interest rate (5% notional return over the life of the term). These APR-based rewards can be claimed at any point in time as liquid STFX tokens.

Although users can unstake their tokens at any time, if they choose to do so before the six-month period concludes, a burn formula will be applied, resulting in a reduced amount returned to the user:

STFX deducted from users as a penalty will be burned from circulating supply.

Example A. No Burn (Unstaking after 180 days):

Suppose a user possesses 1,000 STFX tokens and chooses to engage in the six-month (180-day) staking period. At the end of the 180 days, the user decides to unstake their tokens, resulting in a 5% return on their initially staked quantity. In this particular scenario, no tokens are burned, and the user is rewarded with their original 1,000 tokens alongside an additional 50 tokens as a token of appreciation, thereby accumulating a total of 1,050 STFX tokens.

Example B. Burn Applied (Unstaking after 60 days):

A user holds 1,000 STFX tokens and stakes them for six months (180 days). The user decides to unstake tokens after just 60 days. In this period, user have accrued 1.67% in rewards (60 days is 1/3 of the 180-day period, so 5% * 1/3 = 1.67%). User’s total holdings, including rewards, would be 1,016.7 STFX tokens. Since he is unstaking before the six-month period ends, the burn formula is applied. With 2/3 of the time remaining (120 days), 20% of the remaining 2/3 portion of the staked amount (133.4 tokens) will be burnt. In this case, the user will receive his original 1,016.7 STFX tokens minus the burnt 133.4 STFX tokens, resulting in a total of 883.3 STFX tokens returned to the user.

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