How to Manage a Vault?

This guide will address all of the steps of managing a Vault as a manager of the dApp, breaking down the following:
  • How to create a Vault
  • How to manage an active Vault
  • How to cancel a Vault
  • Receiving performance fees for profitable Vaults
Important to note, this user guide is written under the assumption that you have a Metamask wallet, with relevant assets on Arbitrum and Ethereum. For help on bridging assets, please visit "Bridging to Arbitrum" section

1. How to create a vault?

To begin, simply visit our official website at Upon arrival, you will land on the Invest page, where you will see a range of vaults currently in different stages, between raising, live, and closed.
From here, navigate to the “Trade” page, seen on the side menu to the left. Once here, clicking the “Create & Fundraise” button on the right hand side of the screen will begin the initiation for your vault creation.
Side note: The “Perp Wallet Funds” Slider bar (seen top right) can be used by users to partially or fully self-fund their own trades in the same transaction as the creation of a vault.
Clicking the Create & Fundraise button will bring up a range of available assets for a user to choose from for their vault. Here, users can also decide the different factors for their trade, such as direction, leverage, the ability to add a custom Video or Image to their vault, and a title to add to their trade. Once you are satisfied with your choices, clicking the “Begin Fundraising” button and signing the transaction will place your Vault into the raising stage, where other users can determine if your trade setup is worthy of their investment capital.
Users can upload Videos or Images to showcase their trade ideas
One of the biggest changes we have made to the vault creation process, as seen above, is the ability to attach either a video or image to your vault. The idea is to push the SocialFi agenda even further, giving managers the option to fully showcase their trading ideas in an informative, constructed video, or a detailed image they have created. As the world is becoming more and more streamlined, and with the average persons attention span dwindling, there is nothing more engaging than short visually engaging video content. We have found a great balance of utilization of both videos and images on the platform, as well as fun meme content added to vaults. Anything to capture the attention of potential investors.
With the new staking tiers, users also have the ability to open "Secret Vaults", which are essentially vaults that have no pre-determined asset or direction until the manager decides and executes the trade. This helps to stop any frontrunning, and also makes it so the user is purely investing based on a managers reputation, rather than other factors such as their own personal bias on a trade. Managers have full control.

2. How to manage an active Vault?

After you have gone through the process of vault creation, as long as your vault has the minimum required investment of $20, you can choose to open your trade whenever you want. To do so, navigate to your vault page, where you will see the options to open your trade at market (Open Market Button), or alternatively you can set a Limit Order to execute the trade once a certain price is met.
Note: Both of these options will take the vault out of the raising stage, therefore disabling any more users from investing into your vault. Also, if you have a limit order active, but want to open it at the current market price, you will first have to cancel your limit order to do so. Active limit orders can be found at the foot of the vault page.
Once your vault is live, you will be able to see live PnL statistics both on the vault page, and inside your Dashboard page, on the manager tab. You can close the vault at market whenever you choose, or alternatively set Stop-Loss / Take-Profit orders to perfectly match your initial trading idea.
It really is that simple! After you have closed your vault, either at market or using a limit order, there is nothing more for a manager to worry about for this trade. All funds are now automatically distributed back to users accounts, including 15% of all profits awarded to the manager of the vault.

3. How to cancel a Vault?

A situation may arise where a manager wants to cancel a vault. For instance, the trade setup may become invalidated, or another trade setup may make more sense for a manager, and canceling a vault is simple.
To cancel a vault, a manager simply has to visit the vault page of the trade they’d like to cancel, and hit the cancel button in the positions window at the footer of the page.
Note: Only vaults in the raising stage can be canceled. Any investments in the current vault will be automatically returned to investor accounts.

4. Receiving performance fees for profitable Vaults

User capital on the STFX dApp is automatically distributed into user accounts. Profitable Managers will receive 15% of all profits from any vault they manage, which will be credited to their account balance upon the completion of a vault.
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