5️⃣How to Manage a Vault?

This guide will address all of the steps of managing a Vault as a manager of the dApp, breaking down the following:

Important to note, this user guide is written under the assumption that you have a Metamask wallet, with relevant assets on Arbitrum. For help on bridging assets, please visit "Bridging to Arbitrum" section

1. How to create a vault?

To begin, simply visit our official website at https://stfx.io. Upon arrival, you will land on the Invest page, where you will see a range of vaults currently in different stages, between raising, live, and closed.

From here, navigate to the “Trade” page, seen on the side menu to the left. Once here, you can choose the asset you wish to trade using the pairing box at the top left of your window. You can adjust the leverage at the top right of the screen for your chosen asset, as well as uploading a personal png/jpg image to go alongside your trade, making it stand out from the rest.

Afterwards, dragging the personal funds slider and the subscription funds slider will allocate funding to your trade however you see fit. Once you have allocated the right funding for the trade, clicking the “Buy / Long OR Short / Sell” button on the right hand side of the screen will execute the trade, pushing it instantly live.

Side note: Clicking "Raise" at the top of the page will create a vault in the fundraising stage, where users can manually invest in the trade themselves. Once your vault has sufficient funding, you can then execute the trade live whenever you please.

2. Managing an Active Vault

We have given managers full control. Managers have the ability to scale in and out of trades with partial orders, as well as giving them full access to both Take-Profit and Stop-Loss orders. Everything you'd see on a CEX is available on STFX.

Managers can manually close out trades, both fully or scaling out with the use of partials. Alternatively, they can also scale out or fully close out trades using limit orders set at their price targets, making the whole system as fluid and frictionless as possible.

Note: Setting limit orders will take the vault out of the raising stage that it may be in, therefore disabling any more users from investing into your vault. Also, its important to note that if you have a limit order active, but want to open it at the current market price, you will first have to cancel your limit order to do so. Active limit orders can be found at the foot of the vault page.

When a vault is live, you will be able to see live PnL statistics both on the vault page, and inside your Dashboard page, on the manager tab. You can close the vault at market whenever you choose, or alternatively set Stop-Loss / Take-Profit orders to perfectly match your initial trading idea.

It really is that simple! After you have closed your vault, either at market or using a limit order, there is nothing more for a manager to worry about for this trade. All funds are now automatically distributed back to users accounts, including 15-20% of all profits awarded to the manager of the vault (dependant on your $STFX Staking Tier)

3. How to cancel a Vault?

A situation may arise where a manager wants to cancel a vault. For instance, the trade setup may become invalidated within its fundraising stage, or another trade setup may make more sense for a manager, and canceling a vault is simple.

To cancel a vault, a manager simply has to visit the vault page of the trade they’d like to cancel, and hit the cancel button in the positions window at the footer of the page.

Note: Only vaults in the fundraising stage can be canceled. Any investments in the current vault will be automatically returned to investor accounts.

4. Receiving performance fees for profitable Vaults

User capital on the STFX dApp is automatically distributed into user accounts. Profitable Managers will receive 15-20% of all profits from any vault they manage (dependant on $STFX Staking Tier), which will be credited to their account balance upon the completion of a vault.

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