STFX Overview

A DeFi marketplace for Investable Trades.
STFX, Single Trade Finance Exchange, is a DeFi and SocialFi protocol for short-term asset management.
We are pioneering a concept of Single Trade Vaults – short-duration, non-custodial, active asset management vaults that are dedicated to one trade.
Think of them as mini-vaults that only exist for the duration of the trade.
STVs stand in contrast to long-term, continuous, multi-asset portfolios that have existed in DeFi and TradFi to date.
Our idea is simple: 1 STV = 1 vault = 1 trade.
STFX allows users to Create or Invest in short-term STVs focused on a single trade. Once in a while, many of us find an incredible trading opportunity. Until today, all you could do in such a situation was share your trade setup with your friends on Twitter or Discord. Besides trading your idea yourself, there was no way to share your opportunity directly with others or monetize it. The STFX platform allows you to turn your trade setup into an easily investable vault which can be joined by the community in minutes.
Last modified 2mo ago