Gamification (coming soon)

STFX’s primary objective from inception has been to introduce a compelling and innovative paradigm in short-term asset management, as well as creating a captivating and immersive experience for managers and investors within the dApp.

Leaderboards and Prizes

Profit and Loss (PnL) leaderboards allows both managers and investors to showcase their monthly performance against competitors, and boast their achievements. The top three performers from each category will be rewarded with monthly prizes. These leaderboards enhance the gamified nature of the STFX ecosystem, heightening the overall experience for all users.

Leveling System

*Pending finalization: algorithmic leveling system.
The goal is to recreate the excitement and feel of a traditional RPG game, giving users a sense of accomplishment and motivation as they level their way up via trading success. The leveling system will function as gatekeeper in unlocking system perks as users climb the ranks by rewarding performant managers with increased dApp functionality (larger notional vaults, more volatile trading pairs, trade execution opacity etc.). This simultaneously functions as a risk management protocol, scaling a manager’s capital access in line with their historical performance.

Achievements & Badges

Achievements and badges will exist in conjunction with the leveling system. These elements will serve as prestigious symbols of accomplishment, allowing users to proudly exhibit their successes and milestones attained on the STFX dApp. Comparable to the concept of wearing tabards and luxurious titles in MMOs, the inclusion of achievements and badges will provide a trading-focused counterpart, showcasing users' expertise and dedication in the realms of crypto trading.
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